Our Environmental Policy

The Occasion Bar Co.

We recognise that our service inevitably has some impact on the environment, and we are committed to reducing this impact. We strive to continually improve the environmental performance of our activities through our Environmental Management System.

Our initiatives include:

Quantifying and monitoring all environmental impactsand setting specific environmental objectives.

Integrating environmental objectives into relevant business decisions.

Regularly measuring, auditing and reviewing environmental performance, to ensure continual improvement.

Establishing and implementing best practice environmental performance with standards of excellence, which meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

Publishing and communicatingour Environmental Policy to staff, contractors and other interested parties, and encouraging them to achieve the same standards.

Providing leadership and training for staff and ensuring that environmental responsibilities are addressed withinthe business.

The Occasion Bar Co.

Company procedures include:

Preventing pollution, minimising waste, recycling as much as is economically practical, and ensuring the remainder is disposed of responsibly.

Developing and promoting the use of services and technologies to ensure the ecologically and economically sustainable useof energy and natural resources.

Practical steps include:

Drinks: Utilising local suppliers wherever possible, to reduce the carbon footprint oftransport, and to support the local economy.

Using products that are ethically sourced.

  • Glasses, straws and menus: Using 100% recycled and completely compostable consumables.
  • Lighting: Using energy saving electrical technology such as LED lighting.
  • Refrigeration: Monitoring efficiency of our temporary power supplies, andusing flexi tubs and ice wherever possible, instead of fridges.